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The perfect online writing program gives you as a writer the possibility to continue working on your book with any device. As a writer, you can use the online writing program to make notes and continue writing your book at any time, regardless of time and place. Research, chapter planning, note taking or working directly on the book can be done at any time. The online writing program provides you with all the necessary functions and the data is reliably saved. You can work at any time, regardless of the device you are using. With such an online writing program, you as a writer will have all the necessary functions for creating a whole book. With this tool, you can work faster and get to the goal of writing a successful book more effectively. You can use the right online writing tool at any stage of the book project.

The software for authors is inexpensive and quite flexible for any writer who wants to continue working on his book project from different devices. Helpful is the support for the elaboration of each and every character. The authors online writing program also helps with chapter planning and research work. With the help of the tools offered, writing work becomes a breeze. With the Author Machine tools you get the better overview and can structure the data better. The advantages are obvious. You can organize your work in the best possible way and with the Author Machine you already have all the necessary functions for your new book at hand. The data is automatically backed up, so there can be no loss of data whatsoever. Independently, you can continue working on the book with a variety of end devices. It is equally possible to write on the book with a cell phone, tablet and PC. You can continue working on your text at any time, regardless of time and place. It is practical that the Author Machine can be tested free of charge and that there is no obligation – no cancellation is necessary. Use the great possibilities of the Author Machine now and write absolutely successful books.

Author Machine – Advantages at a glance

The online authoring program is the perfect tool for every author to write his book quickly, easily and safely.

Best organized

With Author Machine, you as an author have all the necessary functions for your book.

Your data is secured

By digitizing your book, you are protected from system crashes and avoid data loss.

Work device independent

No matter if with cell phone, tablet or PC. You can access your book at any time and continue working.

Location independent

No matter where, no matter when, you always have the possibility to work on your book.

German servers

Your data is stored on German servers with the corresponding applicable data protection guidelines.

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Continuous development

We want to keep bringing Author Machine to a new level and provide you with free updates and features

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