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Author Machine – The tool for screenwriters

The Internet is fast-moving and new technologies are constantly developing. To keep up with this speed, it requires a good workflow in addition to necessary flexibility. Many screenwriters still work with outdated standard software, which sometimes even costs money. As a rule, this type of software does not offer anything more than you could not manage with conventional tools.

So the technology of writing has also been further developed and optimized. The solution offers an online writing program for every author. So forget about the conservative way of writing and dedicate it to the future. It can actually lead to dramatic errors when writing files locally. Be it that the device where the script is has been stolen or destroyed. Unless they have made a back-up, this can quickly lead to major losses. For this reason, online writing services offer a remedy for the traditional way of writing. The author writing program, which functions as a web app, offers fundamental advantages for a author.


One of the biggest advantages might be loss prevention. Every single word is backed up cleanly online, so data loss is impossible. This saves you from tragic losses. Another advantage is flexibility. You can now access your files from anywhere in the world. With any device that has access to the Internet, offers the possibility of becoming a workplace. This provides a strong flexibility. Lastly, the financial aspect also plays a role. If you have previously paid a lot of money for their software, our online writing program offers the service in a time-flexible and cost-effective manner. If you still had to research about certain facts, you are already directly in the web browser of your choice and can start the search without further ado.


So if you are a screenwriter and looking for a modern way of doing your work in the future, then using anonline tool is probably the right choice for you! So get access now and start writing your first words based on modern software.


Author Machine – Advantages at a glance

The online authoring program is the perfect tool for every author to write his book quickly, easily and safely.

Best organized

With Author Machine, you as an author have all the necessary functions for your book.

Your data is secured

By digitizing your book, you are protected from system crashes and avoid data loss.

Work device independent

No matter if with cell phone, tablet or PC. You can access your book at any time and continue working.

Location independent

No matter where, no matter when, you always have the possibility to work on your book.

German servers

Your data is stored on German servers with the corresponding applicable data protection guidelines.

Discord Community

On our Discord you can exchange information or ask for advice.

Continuous development

We want to keep bringing Author Machine to a new level and provide you with free updates and features

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