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Writing a book usually means a lot of work. The story has to be captured and defined, the characters have to be thought up. Authors can quickly get bogged down here. With this online writing program, roman authors get the support they need for their book project.

Our program is designed to be an affordable and flexible solution for all writing enthusiasts who want to work on their book from anywhere at any time. For example, it supports the development of individual characters. It helps with the necessary chapter planning and research. This makes it child’s play for (future) authors to write a book themselves. As long as you have an internet capable device at hand, it is possible to access your data at any time and continue working on your book. Of course, other writing tasks can be done as well. Sometimes you might just want to capture a short text before the moment of muse passes. The software is something for everyone who writes texts and needs something more than Google Word or the like. Just with a better overview and better structure of your own data.

… when the dream finally comes true …

With this software everyone has the chance to write a well structured book. The online writing program for roman authors simplifies the previously existing tools and supports the authors to develop creatively. When the dream of writing and making it easier to create a book finally comes true – most likely this handy tool was used. Writing is a craft that requires iron will and discipline as well as a certain structure. Just sign up for free and see for yourself the benefits of our online writing program for roman authors. You bring the ideas and we provide the appropriate software for them. With a little practice, any copywriter can become a writer who inspires his readers. Is the next bestseller already slumbering in you?

Author Machine – Advantages at a glance

The online authoring program is the perfect tool for every author to write his book quickly, easily and safely.

Best organized

With Author Machine, you as an author have all the necessary functions for your book.

Your data is secured

By digitizing your book, you are protected from system crashes and avoid data loss.

Work device independent

No matter if with cell phone, tablet or PC. You can access your book at any time and continue working.

Location independent

No matter where, no matter when, you always have the possibility to work on your book.

German servers

Your data is stored on German servers with the corresponding applicable data protection guidelines.

Discord Community

On our Discord you can exchange information or ask for advice.

Continuous development

We want to keep bringing Author Machine to a new level and provide you with free updates and features

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