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As an author, please feel free to pass on your wishes to us at any time

We need you! You are writing your book and you can think of functions you would like to have? Feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll come up with something. We rely on your feedback to work with you to further optimize the author writing program. We want to offer the best to every author and every field. Of course, the demands are often very different and sometimes difficult to realize. Nevertheless, we would like to take up every wish or suggestion and are therefore very open to any feedback to sweeten your everyday life as an author.

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Author Machine – Roadmap

Our current but flexible roadmap what is already planned


Mobile app

Work on your book in an app instead of in the browser as well

Style analysis

Display where your book has stylistic highs or lows, or where your writing style deviates the most.

Track changes

Keep track of what you have done last and at what point


Pre-plan the flow of your story to keep control of the timeline in your book

Writing style analysis

Ensure reading pleasure and have your texts checked for style errors

Focus on dialogs

Just display your dialogs to focus on them and improve them.

Analyze the readability

Are the texts too long or too complex?

Alternative words

Display alternative possibilities for a word

E-Book Selfpublishing

Publish your e-book on different platforms directly by yourself


Have your book translated into multiple languages very accurately with an artificial intelligence.

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