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The dream of all hobby authors

Hasn’t every one of us dreamed of writing our own book one day? And haven’t many of us then shied away from it because we thought it just couldn’t be done? We’ve all been there, but now we have a solution!

With Author Machine, we offer you the support you need to work as effectively as possible. Organization in particular is a major challenge for hobby authors and most authors in general. Many authors work with a wild hodgepodge of Word files containing half-finished texts, drafts, character sketches and files full of ideas. Often, in this chaos, you lose track of what’s going on, and with it, your desire to write.

That’s exactly why we developed the online writing program Author Machine. All your ideas and drafts stored in one place. You can work where you want and on any device you have available. Since it’s an online writing program, you don’t have to install anything, just access our site from anywhere and any device and pick up right where you left off. You will no longer miss a moment of muse because you can easily continue working. You won’t have to search for the right file on your PC and by the time you find it, your brainwave will be gone. You also don’t have to write a new file to hold something and make your whole project infinitely more confusing again.

Another advantage of Author Mashine is that your data is located on German servers and is therefore also subject to German data protection regulations. This is an additional security for you. Also, you will continue to be provided with new and useful features all the time. But the best part is, these new features will be free for you. By booking one of our packages you will always have full access to all features. We also offer a community to which you can turn to if you need help solving a creative problem or if you just want to exchange ideas. Convince yourself of our service with our free test week!

Author Machine – Advantages at a glance

The online authoring program is the perfect tool for every author to write his book quickly, easily and safely.

Best organized

With Author Machine, you as an author have all the necessary functions for your book.

Your data is secured

By digitizing your book, you are protected from system crashes and avoid data loss.

Work device independent

No matter if with cell phone, tablet or PC. You can access your book at any time and continue working.

Location independent

No matter where, no matter when, you always have the possibility to work on your book.

German servers

Your data is stored on German servers with the corresponding applicable data protection guidelines.

Discord Community

On our Discord you can exchange information or ask for advice.

Continuous development

We want to keep bringing Author Machine to a new level and provide you with free updates and features

Contact us

We welcome feedback in any way. Contact us if you need help or have any questions.

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