Is the test period free of charge?

Yes. For 7 days you have the possibility to test the author program free of charge.

Does the subscription renew automatically?

No. Basically, the booked period always expires and must be extended. It is not necessary to cancel. However, you can specify in the profile that you want to extend it automatically. But you can also deactivate this again.

What happens if the subscription expires?

Nothing, should it expire you can still access all your data. However, it is no longer possible to create new books or edit them further.

Is my data protected?

The server is operated in Germany. We are therefore subject to the data protection regulations in Germany. Access to your books is also only available to you.

Is there a backup system?

Yes. Every day during the night a database backup is created. So the data is backed up. This is stored for up to 7 days and then automatically deleted.

I have a problem, what can I do?

Feel free to contact us at

Or join us on the Discord: Zum Discord

What is the Community Discord?

The Community Discord can be compared with a forum. Here you can communicate fast and easy with other authors or the Author Machine Team. Feel free to drop by. To the Discord

My language is not available!

We understand that people like to work in their native language. Therefore we try to offer our system in as many languages as possible. If yours is not yet included, feel free to contact us and we will surely find a solution.

I am missing a function!

Every author works differently. Every book has different requirements. We would like to offer you the best possible experience, from which everyone should benefit as much as possible. So feel free to write us your wishes and ideas and we will analyze if they can be integrated.

Individual wishes

You have a special wish? We are also happy to offer an individual extension just for your account. Please feel free to contact us for this.