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Author Machine – the intuitive, smart online writing program

Author Machine is an online authoring program for every writing artist

Every author knows that the best ideas come from the most unusual places. No matter whether it’s about a character or the next chapter. The idea wants to be written down quickly or integrated into the book. But if you’re sitting on the train or taking a leisurely walk, you usually don’t have your laptop or PC with you. By the time you get home, the idea is forgotten and you’re frustrated.

Author Machine would like to remedy this situation. By digitizing our author program, you as an author can write on your book no matter where and when. No matter if you use your cell phone, tablet or PC. The current data of your book is available everywhere and you can concentrate as an author on the essential. The writing.

No matter where, no matter when, no matter on which device. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can safely write your book. Also, a defective PC and the associated loss of data is a thing of the past.

Through an active and helpful author community, we would also like to give all authors a creative place of exchange on our Discord. So feel free to test Author Machine for free and without obligation and bring yourself as an author and your books to the next level.

Author Machine – Advantages at a glance

The online authoring program is the perfect tool for every author to write his book quickly, easily and safely.

Best organized

With Author Machine, you as an author have all the necessary functions for your book.

Your data is secured

By digitizing your book, you are protected from system crashes and avoid data loss.

Work device independent

No matter if with cell phone, tablet or PC. You can access your book at any time and continue working.

Location independent

No matter where, no matter when, you always have the possibility to work on your book.

German servers

Your data is stored on German servers with the corresponding applicable data protection guidelines.

Discord Community

On our Discord you can exchange information or ask for advice.

Continuous development

We want to keep bringing Author Machine to a new level and provide you with free updates and features

Contact us

We welcome feedback in any way. Contact us if you need help or have any questions.

Use Author Machine on any web-enabled device.

Whether you use your PC, laptop, cell phone or tablet. Whether you’re on the go or at home. As long as you have an internet connection, you can do your authoring job. No more ideas and time have to be lost, because you can invest them in your book at any time. Take advantage of this new opportunity for flexible writing.

How to make your book almost write itself

Use our excellent writing editor. Have all the information displayed quickly at any time so you don’t lose the thread. No matter if you want to look at a character information again or if you want to remember to pay attention to your writing style. Everything can be displayed in a fully flexible way.

Or you want to concentrate fully on writing? With the full focus mode, you will only see the text editor.

Media management

You already have images or placeholders for your book? No problem. With our media management you can upload and use images specifically for your book project. This way you won’t lose any images and have everything quickly available. You also know exactly which images you have already used in which book.

Character Development

Plan your character. Include his characteristics, behavior, background story, appearance and whatever else makes up your characters. Document this in the background map to have an overview of your characters at any time. Link them in your book to have the information displayed at any time.

The same is possible with items or areas to keep track of every area in your book as an author.

Create a mind map

Plan your book ahead. Create your own mind map or use and expand one of the standard templates. A good book needs to be planned and thought through to avoid getting lost. Therefore, use our editor and check at any time the progress and whether it corresponds to your basic idea.


Are you planning a book with a realistic foundation? Do you want to integrate components that can be found in reality? No matter if it is a non-fiction book or a history book. Often search the internet for information and ideas. Save them in the research area to be able to quickly access them again and retrieve the data.

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